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What type of lawnmower do you need for a large garden

A large garden doesn’t have to mean double the work when it comes to lawn maintenance, you just need the right tools.

There are hundreds of different lawnmowers on the market today so choosing the right one is vitally important if you are going to save yourself valuable time and effort.

If you have a large garden, here are some key things to consider when you are looking for a lawnmower.

1. Power output

For the majority of large gardens, a petrol mower will be the go-to power source.. Don’t discount electric or battery mowers however - in some cases they can work just fine. You may need additional batteries for battery mowers but the savings you make on maintenance and petrol will be huge, and it’s better for the environment too! Electric mowers are an option if the cable can reach far enough. That said, with petrol mowers, you have the choice between a walk-behind mower or a ride-on – which will make light work of your large garden in no time.

2. Budget

As you’ll expect, budget will likely determine which lawnmower you are able to get your hands on. Ride-on mowers are traditionally more expensive than their walk-behind counterparts. You pay more for the extra capability and features, but they can cost thousands of pounds. If you do have a larger garden however, it may be worth the investment in the long run, with time and effort saved when cutting the grass.

3. Grass collection

If your garden is large, you will likely be venturing far from where you dispose of the grass. This means you need a mower that can collect a large amount of grass so you don’t have to be constantly trudging across your garden to empty your grass box. Of course if you don’t want to collect your grass, this removes the problem but it is still something worth considering. McCulloch tractor mowers come with either side ejection (so you don’t need to empty the box) or a rear collector that can help you get the job done.

4. Type of terrain

If your large garden has a lot of hills and mounds, this will affect the mower you will need. Ride-on mowers can handle hills but it is never advisable to cut horizontally across the slope, as you will run the risk of tipping over. Walk-behind mowers are safer in this case but will obviously require more time and effort. You can reduce the effort with a walk-behind mower, however, with features such as 4 wheel drive, which will make short work of the hills in no time.

5. Storage capabilities

Before you decide which lawnmower you would like, think about the space where you will store it. If you don’t have space for a ride-on mower, you may have room for a walk-behind. Assessing storage availability should be one of the key considerations before purchasing your new machine.

RM 600, RM 1000 ROB600, ROB1000
Working area capacity 1000 m² ±20%
Cutting Height, min-max 20-50 mm
Maximum slope performance inside installation 25 %