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Warranty Policy

McCulloch is part of the Husqvarna Group of companies and warrants products produced under the McCulloch brand, to the original purchaser, to be free from defective material and workmanship from the date of purchase for the “Warranty Period” here stated, dependent upon the type of product use.

12 months for private use


All products will be covered for the minimum legally required warranty period in the market that the product was originally offered for sale by Husqvarna Group or its nominated distributors. Unless a longer period is specifically communicated at the point of sale, or with the product.

McCulloch’s Obligations Under The Warranty

McCulloch will remedy defects in material and workmanship during the Warranty Period by repairing or replacing the defective component without charge for parts or labour.

McCulloch shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty on these products except to the extent prohibited by applicable law. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on these products is limited in duration to the warranty period as defined in the limited warranty statement. McCulloch reserve the right to change or improve the design of the product without notice and does not assume obligation to update previously manufactured products.

Parts Warranty

Replacement parts fitted free of charge to a machine under the terms of the guarantee will be covered for the remainder of the original guarantee.

Chargeable parts fitted within the guarantee period will be covered for either 1 year or the remainder of the original guarantee, whichever is the greater.

Chargeable parts fitted by an Authorised Service agent to a machine outside the guarantee period will carry a 1 year guarantee from the date of fitting.

Parts purchased over the counter for fitting by the owner or by an unauthorised repairer which have subsequently failed, are not covered by the McCulloch Limited guarantee. However, if a customer claims the part has failed due to faulty manufacture, then further investigation will determine whether or not the customers claim is reasonable.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer must exhibit reasonable care, maintenance, operation, storage and general upkeep as written in the maintenance section of the Owner’s / Operator’s manual. Should an operational problem or failure occur, the product should not be used, but delivered as is to an authorised Servicing dealer for evaluation. Proof of purchase rests solely with the customer.

Additional Warranty

In addition to this standard warranty we may implement additional cover selectively on certain products we offer under the McCulloch brand.

If we do offer additional warranty over and above this standard cover it will be communicated in or on the product packaging supplied with the new product.

Warranty Exclusions

  1. McCulloch products which have been used for commercial, professional, rental or income-producing purposes. Including any use or abuse for purposes not expected for the normal use of such a product.

  2. Any part or components for which the Warranty has expired.

  3. Parts that are not specifically recommended by McCulloch or are not genuine McCulloch replacement parts or accessories

  4. Parts that are not installed or otherwise serviced by an authorised Service Dealer (excluding consumables).

  5. Incorrect assembly resulting in damage to the product.

  6. Complete assemblies that can otherwise be repaired (e.g. carburettor).

  7. Normal wear of parts and components and visual appearance items, such as paint or stickers. Normal customer maintenance items, including but not limited to (i.e. belts, blades, blade adapters, bulbs, filters, lubricants, recoil springs, spark plugs, starter ropes, tines, brake bands, cables, wear protection, seals etc). Unless due to original manufacturing fault.

  8. Engine failure due to improper lubricant, fuels or recommendations, eg. Fuel ratios, age, accessories.

  9. Engine failure due to incorrect carburettor adjustments or incorrect storage habits.

  10. Petrol Engines and drive systems not manufactured by McCulloch or the Husqvarna Group and covered by manufacturers own warranty, all claims for specified engines, starters, generators, alternators and accessories should be sent to the appropriate manufacturer. The service agent is responsible to contact the relevant manufacturer to establish correct warranty procedure, rules and register where appropriate as a warranty provider. Where appropriate McCulloch, Husqvarna Group will help establish these contacts.

  11. Incorrect cleaning techniques- for example on protective clothing.

  12. The bar, chain and sprockets are covered under limits expressed in the Warranty Statement and with regard to these additional exclusions:

    • Damage caused by mismatched pitch or gauge of bar, chain or sprockets.

    • Damage caused by improper chain filing, maintenance procedures, chain adjustments, cutting habits or non standard applications eg. carving.

    • Accident, abuse, misuse, negligence and neglect, including stale fuel, dirt, abrasives, moisture, rust, corrosion, or any adverse reaction due to incorrect storage habits.

    • Alterations or modifications that affect the unit’s performance, operation, safety, durability, change its intended use or cause failure of compliance with current regulatory standards.

    • Additional damage to parts or components due to continued use occurring after any of the above.

  13. The voluntary manufacturer's warranty explicitly excludes costs for equipment loans, compensation for expenses and loss of work.