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Buyers Guides

Need a helping hand to find the right tool for the job? McCulloch has a range of buying guides to help you find the right product to get the job done!

Buyers Guide to Hedge Trimmers

Without regular cutting and maintenance your bushes and hedges can soon get out of control and take over your garden, and this is why having a good hedge trimmer is essential.

When looking to buy a hedge trimmer, it is important to consider a number of factors. The biggest thing you should consider is the height and thickness of your hedges – as this will influence which features you need on your hedge trimmer.

The three main types of available hedge trimmer available are:

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Buyers Guide to Chainsaws

Choosing the correct chainsaw for the job you need can be a testing task, but it’s an important decision. A petrol chainsaw is by far the most popular – and by good reason. Here at McCulloch, we offer power, and with a petrol product, comes exactly that. With no dangerous connections or wires, McCulloch chainsaws are easy to use and very durable. The biggest advantage is that it’s cordless, and as long as you have a full fuel tank, you can take full reign of the garden.

We can help you decide with these quick questions.

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Buyers Guide to Grass Trimmers and Brushcutters

Grass trimmers and brushcutters are commonly referred to as the same thing, however they are slightly different! Our Buyers Guide can point you in the right direction.
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