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Trimming: Give your garden a nice frame

McCulloch offers a great range of powerful trimmers and brushcutters designed to get the trimming job done as efficiently as possible.
Most lawnmowers can't reach the edges around your lawn, or the bottom of trees, or right up to the fence, and that’s why you need a grass trimmer. Your garden might look impressive with a well-groomed and green lawn but if you’ve got untrimmed edges, it will never quite look finished, however – once completed, the overall impression of your garden is much nicer. Exactly like getting a shave after you’ve had a haircut – the finishing touch!

Trimmers are a really versatile tool and can be used most places in your garden – next to your planting beds or around bushes in the garden, or even along a hard surface, like down your driveway, and in tight spaces where a lawnmower just won’t get the job done.

They do, like most garden equipment, leave some clippings on your driveway or garden pathway, that you will need to clean up but it’s no chore when you see the result, and you’ve got plenty of lush space to enjoy your BBQ or pool party.

grass trimmer