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Designed to get it done

The McCulloch range of today continues the tradition of powerful engines, technical innovations and strong designs that have been our hallmarks for more than half a century. Each McCulloch is designed for high performance and durability and properly taken care of machines will last you for years to come.

The tough mission for our product developers is to increase the power and performance while lowering the fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels. Also of top priority is improving the safety and user-friendliness. Our quality policy is clearly worded: Your expectations regarding McCulloch products and services shall always be met or surpassed. This involves developing technology and products which surpass the legislated minimum standards.

Side discharge garden tractor from behind.

Environmental responsibility

At our lab, we perform analyses in order to evaluate the potential environmental impact of our products. These analyses indicate the impact generated by our products mainly from energy consumption and exhaust emissions when the products are used.

In the manufacturing we aim to select materials with the least possible environmental impact. We continuously replace previously used materials with new, more environmentally adapted alternatives as they become available.

Emissions and OxyPower

We are making intensive efforts to reduce fuel consumption. McCulloch engines use a mix of technological solutions. Lawnmowers are equipped with four-stroke engines, which normally consume less fuel than two-stroke engines.

Many of our handheld products are fitted with OxyPower engines that meet the strictest exhaust emission criteria in Europe and the US. Several models are also equipped with catalysts, where the OxyPower technology generates lower exhaust temperatures. This increases the product’s life-span, enhances the safety, and provides a boost for your economy as well as the ecology.