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Frequently Asked Questions: Hedge Trimmers

Read through the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about McCulloch hedge trimmers.

What do I do if the hedge trimmer cuts unevenly?

If the cutting result is not even, the blades may be blunt or loose, or the hedge may be too big to be trimmed effectively with the hedge trimmer. The operating instructions show you how to adjust the tension between the blades and how to sharpen them. It is important to wear protective gloves at all times when you are making these checks. The blades are extremely sharp and should not be touched.

I can smell fuel and it seems to be coming out of the muffler while I am trying to start my hedge trimmer, what might be wrong?

Typically this is an indication the unit is flooded, this can be caused by old or incorrect fuel, improper starting procedures, ignition failure, or a damaged engine.

Please consult the operators manual for correct starting procedures as well as how to start a flooded engine.

If you need further assistance please contact your local service centre.