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Part number: 966631615
Ideal for demanding tasks the CS 410 Elite is a 41cc petrol powered chainsaw that has an power output of 1.6kW and capable of a 13”-18” bar. The CS 410 Elite is equipped with a tool-less chain tensioner. Weighing only 4.7kg this petrol chainsaw also features Oxy Power, CCS, felling sights, integrated combi tool, combined controls and anti-vibration system.
Product specification




With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power to shape nature, without hurting it. This technology offers a better fuel efficiency, meaning more power but also 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption.

Centrifugal Cleaning System (CCS)

CCS long-life air filter system

With the innovative CCS air filter system, the chainsaw can be used longer with less air filter service. By the use of centrifugal cleaning, the intake air is pre-cleaned and larger particles are ejected before reaching the main air filter.

Tool-less chain tensioner

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

Quick and easy tensioning and assembly of the bar and chain without the use of any tools

Felling sights

Felling sights

Marks on handle which makes it easier to fell with precision.

Integrated combi-tool

Integrated Combi Tool

Integrated into the rear handle. Always there for the ultimate convenience when working

Combined controls

Combined controls

All start and stop controls are integrated in one, this allows easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding.


Anti-vibration System

The saw handles are isolated from the engine and cutting attachment to minimize vibrations. This allows you to work more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

soft grip

Soft grip

Provides maximum user comfort with rubberised handles


Cutting Equipment

Bar length (inch)
15 in
Chain speed at max power
23 m/s
Oil pump type
Oil tank volume
0.24 l


Cylinder displacement
40.9 cm³
Power output
1.6 kW


Product size height
28.9 cm
Product size length
41.2 cm
Product size width
22.3 cm
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)
4.7 kg

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