Lawnmower Accessories

Regular maintenance including oil change and replacement of the cutting blade with help prolong the life of your McCulloch lawnmower. At McCulloch we have a range of accessories to help maintain your mower and help you get the job done, quicker and easier than ever before.

4 stroke oil

Using high quality lawn mower oil is essential in prolonging its efficiency and to minimise breakdowns. It's recommended that you replace the oil in your lawn mower each year.


It's recommended that you replace your lawn mower blade at the start of each grass cutting season. This ensures that you cut the grass cleanly helping to prevent damage to your lawn.


The air filter in your lawn mower stops debris and dirt from entering the engine. After prolonged use, the air filter can become blocked and needs to be replaced to allow the air to flow into your engine to allow it to work.

Spark Plugs

Find the correct spark plug for your lawn mower with McCulloch. A well maintained spark plug with ensure your lawn mower is easy to start.

Accessories and Kits

Find useful accessories and starter kits to help you get going and maintain your McCulloch petrol lawn mower.