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Product Registration

We are committed to making your experience as an owner of our products as good as we possibly can. By registering your product you give us the opportunity to make your experience even better. Here are some current benefits you receive by registering your product:

Faster service:

  • By knowing who you are and what product you have, we will be better able to serve you faster and more accurately in case you need our assistance.
  • Latest updates related to your product:

  • Receive information about new updates for your product and other offers related to you.
  • feedback:

  • In order to deliver on our commitment to making your owner experience as good as possible, we need to know what is important for you. we will contact you once in a while and ask, and you are also welcome to provide us with feedback whenever something new comes to your mind!
  • To register your product, please fill in the form below. fields marked with * are mandatory.