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Collect or Eject

Garden tractors are brilliant for helping you cut large lawns - fast! If you often cut large areas of long overgrown grass, a lawn tractor with side ejection may be the best choice. If you prefer a tidier looking lawn, then a garden tractor with a rear collector is the one for you.

A Smooth Ride

McCulloch's Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT for short) – is a stepless automatic transmission that provides a smoother ride, and is easier to use.

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Garden Tractors

McCulloch garden tractors are powerful and versatile - equipped with a range of attachments you can use your tractor all year round for a variety of garden tasks.

Innovative and Smart Solutions

Why settle for second best? When you buy a McCulloch garden tractor, you receive a huge range of innovative and smart solutions making them powerful, fast and a pleasure to use.
tractor feature


This higher speed transmission allows for faster transportation and mowing.

tractor feature


Pedal-operated speed control with stepless adjustment and automatic parking brake ensures easy operation.

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Air lifts the grass before it is cut ensuring perfect cutting and collection of grass.

tractor feature


The dual drag links provide the tractor with a tight turning radius and improved manoeuvrability.

M125-97T Powerdrive


The yellow and black design gives your McCulloch tractor a powerful look.

tractor feature


A soft grip steering wheel, higher back seats and easy to access lever positions provide you with a comfortable experience.

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