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10 Things You Need To Consider When Building Your Garden Gym

A garden gym can be the perfect man cave that does away with the sweaty crowds from commercial gyms. You will have the freedom to design your gym however you want, free from judging eyes and tailored to your own workout goals. With your own gym you’ll never have to wait for a machine again.

Here are our top tips for building your own gym in your garden.

  1. Get the gear
  2. Obviously the most important part of the garden gym will be the equipment. Depending on your overall budget, this can be an intimidating prospect, however, you don’t need to break the bank to get all the equipment you need. You’ll need to consider what machines and weights you want, as this will determine how large you want your gym. You will also need to consider storage solutions, as you want to have a large open space for your free weights without them being cluttered in the middle of your workout area.

  3. Choose the right flooring
  4. This will depend on the equipment you are using but regardless, you’ll need to take time to think about what kind of flooring you want. If you’re using lots of free weights, wooden flooring will not fare well and will get dented and damaged very easily. To protect against this, you can lay heavy duty rubber flooring, which will not only be able to withstand a barrage from all the heavy iron you’re pumping, but will also help with insulation.

  5. External feel
  6. Building a gym in your garden is a big undertaking. Not only do you need to plan what the insides will look like, but also how it fits within the overall ensemble of your garden.

    You should also plan an outdoor space around the gym. This be a nice place to work out when the weather is hot enough to be outdoors, but also it can be a handy place for barbecues or other evening entertainment. You can use planting to soften any straight lines and to help blend the gym into the rest of the garden.

    You should also consider looking at soundproofing. Blasting out your workout playlist may get your blood pumping as you workout but your neighbours may not share the same view. You should therefore look into soundproofing arrangements so you don't disturb anyone.

  7. Upgrade
  8. For a truly badass gym you’ll need to hook it up with all of the technology. No gym is complete without an epic sound system (hence the need for soundproofing). You’ll also want a space to hook up a TV so you can watch the big game while you work out and why not add a small fridge to keep your post workout drinks cold?

    It isn’t just the electronics you’ll need to make your gym as awesome as possible. Mirrors on the walls will not only help the ambient lighting but will also help keep you motivated. A clock with a second hand will also help you for your interval training.


  9. Consider your utilities
  10. Realistically, you are going to need to install a few things to get the most from your new garden room. At the very least you’ll need electricity, lighting and water so you can install all of your necessary equipment. You can link up your cabin with electricity by running cables from your house; however, a qualified professional must install this.

    When you plan the layout for your gym, you should consider where you want your machines so you can plan where your power outlets should be. If you have lots of power outlets, you also have the freedom to move them around should you need to.

  11. Insulation and ventilation
  12. When it comes to a gym, you need to make sure you get the temperature right. It needs to be warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer. You don’t want to give yourself any excuses for not getting to your workout. You should try to plan a couple of opening windows or a substantial air con system so you can enjoy a breeze when it gets too hot.

  13. Consider eco friendly options
  14. Without careful planning, your garden gym can cost you a lot of extra pounds and can cause a lot of extra emissions, so why not save money by opting for eco-friendly options? Solar panels on the roof of your gym can provide an extra source of electricity that can really take the sting out of your utility bills. Using tough glass that goes with substantial insulation means you don’t have to spend as much energy on heating the gym, which can be a massive benefit in the colder months.

  15. Think long term
  16. You may want a gym now, but who knows what the future holds? Motivations change over time and you may find that, instead of leaving your machines to gather dust, you can better use the space as a guest room for example. Additional guest rooms can add up to £30k to overall property prices so it is worth planning in case your gym runs its course.

  17. Windows and blinds
  18. This is important, as it will determine the atmosphere for your entire gym. A set of opening French windows, or other large windows, will give you the highest amount of natural light available, thus saving you electricity costs for your lighting. Large windows will also give an illusion of a larger workout space, and when opened, you’ll feel like you’re exercising outdoors. The only drawback with large windows is that you’ll need large blinds to cover them, so choose wisely.

  19. Security
  20. The final thing you’ll need to consider is security. Depending on your window setup, your kit could be on display for all to see. You’ll therefore need to consider beefing up your security solutions so you don’t have to worry about someone running off with your expensive equipment.