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How to use a McCulloch brushcutter

The perfect choice if you want to get rid of dense bushes and brushwood.

If you have a lot of dense bushes and brushwood, a McCulloch brushcutter is the right choice for you – if you want to get rid of them of course!

All four of our McCulloch brushcutters come with a range of features to suit your needs, because knowing the right adjustments along with a few easy working techniques, can actually make a world of difference in terms of ergonomics and efficiency.

All coming with an auto return stop switch gives you hassle free starting every time. The stop switch resets to the ON position after shutdown, meaning you just need to pick it up and go next time!


Another feature on the McCulloch brushcutters which assists with easy starting is Purge. This is a manual pump which provides the carburettor with fuel and makes the product easier to start with fewer pulls.

Soft Start

Soft Start makes it easier to start your McCulloch product, because it reduces the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%, and the Tap ‘N’ Go Trimmer head allows fast and precise cord feeding (saving you another job!) Tap the trimmer head against the ground while its spinning, and it will automatically feed the line.