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Introducing the McCulloch ROB S-Series

Off the back of the success of the ROB R-Series, the McCulloch ROB S-Series comes with many new innovations and features. Designed to work autonomously, the new ROB S 400/600 allows you to enjoy your lawn without the hassle of maintaining it. The slick new robotic lawn mower will make your lawn the envy of your neighbours without the effort of manually cutting it every week.

We’ve given you 8 key reasons as to why ROB S is ideal for your garden and why it will allow you to take back your weekends.

rob S

1. Saves you time and effort in the garden

Once you have successfully laid the boundary and guide wire on your lawn and installed the charge station, ROB he will work away autonomously whenever you desire, only stopping for a short time to recharge. ROB will return to the charging station automatically when he needs to charge. You can even programme ROB to mow and specific times of the day or night as he mows almost silently.

2. Easy Installation

Placement of the charge station is now even easier as it only needs a 60cm space to operate, and it can even be placed in a corner. Lay the boundary and guide wires and away ROB goes. The flexible charging station reduces the risk of docking issues and gives you more freedom to position it where you want.


ROB S Feature - Flexible Charging Station Position
ROB S600
ROB S 400/500/600
Working area capacity 600 m² ±20%
Cutting Height, min-max 20-50 mm
Maximum slope performance inside installation 35 %
ROB S400
ROB S 400/500/600
Working area capacity 400 m² ±20%
Cutting Height, min-max 20-50 mm
Maximum slope performance inside installation 35 %

3. Guide Wire Technology

As well as the boundary wire, which is used to define the cutting area, ROB also has a patented guide wire which runs out from the charging station. This is significant as he will always find the guide wire when it is time to charge. The guide wire offers numerous benefits as it allows ROB to take an alternating path home each time which means less chance of leaving track marks in the garden than if he was to follow the boundary wire each time. The guide wire also gives ROB multiple start points where he can begin cutting, meaning even the harder to reach areas of your lawn are cut with the perfect finish. 
ROB S Series Location 2018

4. Quick Key Navigation

ROB features simple & easy intuitive controls with large display screen offering pre-set options that are designed to give you the perfect lawn finish whatever your lifestyle. The keypad controls give immediate access to functions such as Return Home, Cutting Schedule and Special Mowing Programs such as spot cut, for greater control over ROB's mowing.

5. Lawn Shield

Intelligent cutting system automatically adapts mowing time depending on lawn growth. If it’s warm and dry and your lawn isn’t growing, then ROB knows and will reduce mowing time to protect the grass and to prevent wear and damage. When growing conditions improve ROB will increase its mowing to suit.

6. Dedicated App

The ROB S-Series is the first range of McCulloch robotic lawn mowers that has its own dedicated smartphone app available on iOS and Android. The app has been designed with an intuitive control interface at your fingertips, removing the need for you to bend down to access the controls. It will then provide you with all the control you need at the press of a button. 

The app is simple and easy to connect via Bluetooth and once paired it will automatically connect when in range. This means no potential issues with Wi-Fi signal strength or connection.

The App offers instant access to trouble shooting and owner’s manuals. You can control your mowers schedule directly from your phone, so you decide when ROB cuts. basic functions such as start, stop & return home.
ROB S Series Location 2018

7. Cuts rain or shine

Like most of us ROB doesn’t like to work in the snow or during lightning storms. Although he doesn’t mind a spot of rain. The grass will keep growing when it rains, so ROB will continue to cut. ROB will have the lawn looking perfect for when the bad weather subsides and you can go back to enjoying your garden.

8. Two models available

ROB comes in two sizes to manage different-sized lawns. ROB S600 can manage areas up to 600m², whereas the ROB S400 can cover 400m².


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