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Driven by Design

Always Driven by Design, McCulloch’s garden products don’t lack anything.
garden, outdoors

If you would have taken a look at all the power-driven garden products on the consumer market a few years back, you would probably have noticed that most of them were lacking something. The words “appeal,” “attractiveness” and “personality” might come to mind – all parts of what we commonly call Design.

That was, of course, before a certain brand decided to think different.

As McCulloch was preparing to expand and meet new markets, the marketing and product development teams took a bold decision: The brand should always, at heart, be “driven by design” – meaning that the powers inside a product should be matched by an equally powerful exterior.

McCulloch means power, and power means muscles,” says Gustav Landberg, Brand Designer for McCulloch. “That connection was the foundation for our work. We drew organic lines and shapes to make the products look like they are constantly moving forward, eager to get things done.

A slice of McCulloch thinking

Imagine you paint a mango black. Then you carve out slices to make its inside show. That’s what the McCulloch designers had in mind when they brought the yellow elements into the concept.

“We decided that the yellow colour should be used near the engine and at other places where the power originates. This way, it almost looks like the power inside is about to burst out,” Gustav continues.

“To further enhance the design of McCulloch products, we playfully add elements that people might recognize from other powerful products. The mesh we’ve put on our chainsaws is just one example – it was inspired by the grille on sports cars.”

The McCulloch design team will continue to bring new and unexpected creations into the world of garden products. It’s all rooted in the basic theory that your hard work gets more enjoyable if you look cool while doing it – then you can relax and chill after.
Cylinder displacement 42 cm³
Bar length (inch) 14 in
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 6.1 kg
CS 50S
Cylinder displacement 50.2 cm³
Bar length (inch) 18 in
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 5.9 kg
ROB S600
ROB S 400/500/600
Working area capacity 600 m² ±20%
Cutting Height, min-max 20-50 mm
Maximum slope performance inside installation 35 %