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How to prune shurbs

Early spring time is a good time to prune most shrubs in the garden. They should be pruned for the same reason as trees – when they have become too large and wild, and when you need to trim out old branches.
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Why Prune?

After pruning, shrubs will often flower better. It is generally preferable, not to do this when there is a risk of strong frost. Roses and other shrubs should be left until later however, but if you’re unsure, ask for advice at your local plant nursery.

Be Bold!

It is better to prune too much than too little. Just ‘tidying up’ will have no great benefit to you in the following weeks. Take off a healthy chunk of what you need too, so you’re not outside doing the same job again in two weeks’ time.

Pruning Branches

We would suggest using secateurs for the smallest branches, they are much easier to use and are ‘size suitable’ for the job in hand. For areas which are more difficult to reach, a long-handled pruner is useful so you have extra added height for the tough jobs. A curved pruning saw always comes in handy for the large branches, but the biggest branches of all may call for a bow saw.

Regular Pruning

Regular pruning is a must, in order to achieve the wow factor in your garden. You should start by removing dry and dead branches, and after this, move onto the weak branches and those that are distorted or ugly. Continue in this way until you have achieved the shape that you desire. Always make cuts just above forks or buds. If you make cuts on the diagonal you therefore reduce the risk of a fungal or viral attack.

Pruning does actually influence the direction in which your plant will grow. Every time you make a cut, the growth will stop and become encouraged to grow differently. You should develop a strong branching structure when trying to train new shrubs.

You should remove low-growing branches when pruning your tree or bush, especially if they could strike a passer-by, or look like they could fall out, onto a car or a person to help maintain safety.