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Keeping Gardening DIY Simple

Garden DIY can be a tricky feat, and when the only limit is your own imagination, the creative possibilities are endless! Sometimes when you start a project it becomes more work than it is worth, so try keeping your garden DIY short, sweet and simple.

To help guide you through the mist we asked five bloggers what their approach is to garden DIY and here is what they said:

Two Thirsty Gardeners

“Recycle bubble wrap. It can be used to warm up the soil ahead of sowing, pegged out to make mini cloches or wrapped around tender plants instead of expensive fleece.” (Two Thirsty Gardeners)

The Yorkshire Gentleman

“Why waste valuable time and energy with manual labour when power tools can help you complete the job a lot faster?” (The Yorkshire Gentleman)


“Have patio areas with planters, which will give your garden plenty of colour. This will also help to keep garden maintenance to a minimum.” (DIYDaddy)

Sharpen Your Spades

“Modern family life is busy, but growing your own fruit and vegetables offers so many benefits. My tip is to use a no-dig method. Not only is this approach better for the soil, it will save you so much time too. Instead of digging the growing area each autumn, cover the beds with a layer of organic matter such as manure or compost. Time saving on the digging and it also reduces the amount of annual weeds too.“ (Sharpen your spades)

The Middle Sized Garden

“Pick one or two colours as a theme for your garden and repeat it throughout. For example, if you choose duck egg blue, then you can paint the gate, fence, trellis, shed, log store, bin stores and any tables or chairs wholly or partly in that colour. If you have different styles of garden furniture, colour can make them work together, and if you have lots of different kinds of storage in a small space, one colour also helps 'pull them together'. (The Middle Sized Garden)