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Robotic Lawnmower Quick Guide

Our quick guided answers some of the most commonly asked questions about our Robotic Lawnmowers. If you are looking for further answers to more questions please take a look at our Robotic Lawnmower Support Center.

Is my garden suitable?

McCulloch robotic lawnmowers are suitable for most gardens up to 1000m2, no matter what the shape. Below are the minimum requirements for the lawnmower to work in your garden.

ROB 600
  • Lawn size: upto 600m2
  • Slopes: upto 25%
  • Passageways with a width of 60cm (wire from wire)
  • ROB 1000
  • Lawn size: upto 1000m2
  • Slopes: upto 25%
  • Passageways with a width of 60cm (wire from wire)
  • ROB

    Do I need to empty the grass box?

    NO - ROB is green fingered! Because the robotic mower cuts the grass regularly there is no need for a grass box. The grass is cut so small , that the clippings break down and act as natural fertiliser creating a thicker, greener lawn.

    Will ROB handle slightly bumpy ground?

    Yes. the lawn doesn't have to perfectly flat, but there shouldn't be any bumps or raised areas like path edges which it might catch its cutting blades on.


    Where should the charging station placed?

    For all McCulloch robotic lawnmowers the charging station needs to meet the following requirements:

  • 1.5 meters of space either side of the charging station
  • 3 meters of free space in front of the charging station
  • Within reach of a power supply
  • An area protected from irrigation systems and direct sunlight
  • Can ROB work in the rain?

    Yes. All McCulloch robotic lawnmowers can work in the rain. In severe or adverse weather conditions like thunderstorms, it is recommended that you disconnect your mower and charging station to protect it from any damage from any electrical surges.

    How do I maintain ROB?

    Nothing more than a quick clean now and then to ensure any mud, or dried on grass is removed to make sure your McCulloch robotic lawnmower keeps working at peak performance. It is also recommended that you replace the cutting blades at the start of each year to make sure the grass is cut cleanly.

    Can I use a Robotic Lawnmower for separate working areas?

    Yes. You will need two charging stations and two loop wire installations. Every time you move from one charging station to another you will need to synchronise your McCulloch robotic lawnmower to the charging station. For most convenient use, we recommend you to buy and install one Robotic Lawnmower for every different location.

    Can ROB cut slopes?

    Yes, ROB can cut on slopes/inclines of up to 25%. At the boundary wire the maximum incline should be 10%.