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Frequently Asked Questions: Snow Blowers

Take a look at the frequently asked questions about McCulloch snow blowers.

What is the difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower?

Both the snow blower and snow thrower have augers, the snow blower also has an impeller that greatly adds to the velocity of the discharge and is typically used on larger units.

A snow thrower is typically used for smaller applications and lighter snow, such as sidewalk or small driveway.

A snow blower is typically used for larger applications and heavy or wet snow, such as sidewalks and large parking areas and long driveways.

My snow thrower drive speed is very slow and I have noticed that it has a lot less traction now. What could be the possible cause of this issue?

1. Drive belt worn

2. Drive belt is off of pulley

3. Friction drive wheel is worn (if so equipped)

Contact a qualified service center for evaluation and repair.

Why will my snow thrower will not discharge as it should anymore?

1. Auger belt is off pulley

2. Auger belt is worn

3. Clogged discharge chute

Contact a qualified service centre for evaluation and repair.

My snow thrower is difficult to start in cold weather. What can I do make it easier to start?

When the engine starts, allow engine to run with the throttle control in the choke position until the engine runs roughly, then move throttle control to fast position. This may require an engine warm-up period from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the temperature. Fresh, clean fuel is very important as well to help insure good cold weather starting.